• Best Ways To Wear Your Open Abaya In The UK

    Best Ways To Wear Your Open Abaya In The UK
    Best Ways To Wear Your Open Abaya In The UK Many Muslim women wear abayas as part of their day-to-day outfits, especially in the Middle East. And why wouldn’t they? Aside from being stylish, abayas are also comfortable and convenient—in fact, one of the most popular abaya styles in the UK is an open abaya. Similar to a kimono and just as fab and...
  • Abaya

    ABAYA An abaya is an outer garment worn by women in some parts of the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region. It is long-sleeved, floor-length, and traditionally black. The abaya is worn over street clothes when a woman leaves her home and is designed to be loose and flowing, hiding the "curves" of the body. Here at FeelModest you will...
  • Importance of Hijab in Islam

    Importance of Hijab in Islam
    IMPORTANCE OF HIJAB IN ISLAM What is a hijab? Hijab does not mean hiding your beauty nor does it make you less beautiful in any way. It gives a sense of security to a woman and it’s not used to disgrace her. At the same time, it is strongly advised that she starts dressing modestly. In Islam wearing a ‘black burka’ or headscarf is...
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