Collection of Photo's submitted by our customers wearing their Abaya/ Dress from

FeelModest Beige Layered Open Abaya with Hijab

FeelModest Layered Open Abaya

By Wahida K.


MissAmina Pink Pearl Open Abaya

Open Abaya Layered Abaya Modest Clothing Chiffon Hijab Modanisa Abayabuth Closed Abaya

By Sameera

MissModesty Classic Beige Open Abaya

FeelModest Abaya Modest Fashion Hijab Hijabi Modanisa Black Abaya

By Sadiya

FeelModest Chiffon Hijab

FeelModest Abaya Modest Open Abaya Hijab Hijabi Modanisa

 By Yasmin


MissTavin Mink Knitted Modest Dress

FeelModest Abaya Modest Chiffon Hijab Hijabi Modanisa Open Abaya

 By Ruweyda

KeepModest Grey Open Abaya

FeelModest Abaya Open Abaya KeepModest Hijab Abaya Closed Abaya

By Zobia

FeelModest Black Sequin Open Abaya 

Modest Abaya FeelModest Abaya Open Abaya Closed Abaya Hijab Hijabi

 By Yasmin


Modest Abaya Open Abaya Satin Abaya Silk Abaya Modanisa Closed Abaya Abaya UK

By Iqra


MissModesty Classic Beige Open Abaya

Abaya Open Abaya UK Abaya Modest Hijabi Hijab Satin Abaya

By Fathiya M.


MissModesty Classic White Open Abaya

White Abaya Layered Abaya Open Abaya CheapAbaya UKAbaya ModestAbaya Hijab Hijabi Blackabaya WhiteAbaya

BBy Salma.S


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